April 17, 2024

This week, Elite Dental and Orthodontics delve into the advantages of breastfeeding while exploring potential effects on oral health. Evidence suggests that breastfeeding for up to twelve months can shield against dental decay.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition choice for young babies. If you continue breastfeeding beyond two years, consult your dentist about potential risks. Seek advice on reducing sugary drinks and foods, and learn effective teeth-cleaning methods.

As your child adds more solids to their diet, be mindful of potential impacts on dental health. While breastfeeding remains an option, understanding the benefits and risks is crucial.

Tooth Care Awareness

Caring for your baby’s teeth is vital, as early decay can affect their quality of life. It may cause discomfort, and pain, or even necessitate tooth removal, leading to issues with adult teeth.

Study Insights

A 2017 Brazilian study found that breastfeeding between 13 and 23 months showed no dental decay impact, unlike those breastfed for up to 12 months. However, children breastfed beyond two years exhibited a higher number of missing and filled surfaces.

Solid Foods and Sugar Intake

As children grow and solid foods are introduced, the likelihood of increased sugar consumption rises. While breastfeeding isn’t solely responsible for dental decay, it’s essential to check the sugar content in ready-made baby foods.

Opt for homemade purees to provide nutritious meals with lower sugar content, avoiding high-sugar apple puree found in some store-bought products.

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